Introducing You To TheDeadEye


TheDeadEye is a new sports training tool that every athlete, coach, trainer and team should have in their toolbox to enhance their performance. If you compete in a sport that requires you to shoot, throw, catch, kick, hit a ball, TheDeadEye can help you, your team improve those skills to improve your performance.


Athletes today are being trained to jump higher, run faster, run longer, be stronger, be quicker but they are not being trained on one of the most important function that you need in all sports, their VISION. If you are able to focus your vision on an object by condensing the area where that object is and where it is coming from and how you see it, you are going to be able to be more successful in catching or hitting that object, you are going to be more accurate in throwing that object to the area you are aiming for and you will be more consistent in your success. This is what TheDeadEye can do for you. One example is the marksman shooter who shoots a rifle. Why is that person able to hit a target from yards away? First, its practice, practice, practice. But then to help him/her, is a scope on that rifle. That scope condenses that target area for the shooter making it easier for the shooter to hit the target. Even though this one example pertains more to what TheDeadEye can do for throwing, shooting, the same concept is used for catching, hitting a ball and kicking a ball.


Without trying to be too scientific, what you are also doing is training your brain to recognize through your vision and through the specific skill you are performing to create that good muscle memory. Your brain is where everything starts and your brain is the control center for you to perform a specific skill the way you want to perform.   TheDeadEye helps you do this and do it the right way consistently, do it better, which can help you perform that skill better. I call it “Train Your Brain”. Remember it starts with the brain, which leads to proper vision focus, which leads to performing a specific skill fundamentally the correct way, which leads to proper technique, which leads to consistently performing a skill correctly, which leads to a better chance of performing that skill at a higher level with more success. Athlete vision training research has been going on for over 20 years and the research out there shows that you can train your vision and when you do, you can see your performance enhanced. The concept is not new, but TheDeadEye is a new way of doing it.



TheDeadEye is a pair of flexible plastic glasses/goggles that your wear when you are practicing that restrict your vision by only having an inch of vision space that you can see out of. Think of TheDeadEye like a pair of blinders.  Since there is only a limited area you can see when wearing TheDeadEye, you are going to be able to focus better on that condensed area, thus helping you concentrate on the activity your about to perform. One of the important things to remember is that you are eliminating the majority of your peripheral vision when you train with TheDeadEye which is a good thing when you are training these specific skills. The specific skills you are training, you do not want to use your peripheral vision.  After training with TheDeadEye, you now have trained your vision to perform at its best when that skill is used in game time situations through muscle memory from your brain telling your head, eyes( you have 6 muscles in your eye) and body how to react consistently when performing that specific skill. What possible improvements will see when you use TheDeadEye on regular basis is this:


1)     Focus

2)     Accuracy

3)     Concentration

4)     Technique

5)     Hand-Eye

6)     Consistency

7)   Reflexes and Reaction


The other important thing to remember that the repetition, the repetition, the repetition (see what I did there) of practicing with TheDeadEye, will get you in the good habit and create the good muscle memory that is going to train you and force you to do it the right way. You can practice 10 hours a day every day, but if you’re not doing it the right way you’re still creating muscle memory, but not the good kind and you will struggle with your performance. So it’s important to practice the right way. TheDeadEye helps you practice the right way so come game time when you’re not wearing TheDeadEye, you’ve created the right technique, the right muscle memory from your head, your eyes and your body to perform that skill at a high level of success and consistency.


Even if you don't use TheDeadEye to train with for a specific skill in any sport,  it is still a GREAT training tool to improve your focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination, which is SO important in any sport. (See some of these drills under the video tab with the FASST Performance video).



As you know, it’s the little things that make an average player good, a
good player great and a great player elite. The perfection of the
technique of a particular skill.  The perfection of the fundamentals. 
TheDeadEye enhances the chance of a player reaching that perfection
when performing that specific skill and just as important enhancing the
consistency of performing that specific skill.


You will be able to walk and run normally while wearing TheDeadEye even though your vision will be restricted. Safety is the number one priority when using the TheDeadEye, so you should remove all objects from the practice area and make sure no objects can enter the practice area. TheDeadEye should only be used in practice, camps, clinics, individual works outs.


It is also important to always remove TheDeadEye at all times when retrieving the ball or object.


TheDeadEye can be used for all levels, youth, middle school, high school, college, professional, and amateur and the weekend warrior. The age limit that could use TheDeadEye is 10 and over and 13 and under should always have adult supervision.  Great for practice, camps and clinics.


Now choose your sport from the tab above and see how TheDeadEye can take your game to the next level and give you an edge on your competition.


Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to stand on top of the box.


Remember, you’ll be Dead On when you use TheDeadEye.


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Read and Understand The General Terms and Conditions before using TheDeadEye. 


TheDeadEye is a Patent Product