When you train with TheDeadEye, it will train you and force you to consistently do some of the most important technique and fundamentals in becoming a better shooter.


1)     Trains you to get your head turned and square to the basket

2)     Trains you to get your vision focused on the basket

3)     Trains you to get your shoulders square to the basket

4)     Trains you to get your whole body square to the basket


If you’re not doing all of these 4 consistently every time together, you’re not going to be a consistent good shooter.   If you do 3
out of the 4, it’s not going to be good enough.  TheDeadEye helps you with 1 and 2 which in turn supports 3 and 4. If you are using one of your proper technique in shooting the basketball, which is squaring up to the basket, TheDeadeye enhances that technique even further. It also is important to understand that you first must catch the ball when you’re receiving a pass.   TheDeadeye is also good in training in catching a pass. You can follow the same 4 steps above but substitute the word basket for teammate. You can’t shoot it if you can’t catch it.



TheDeadEye enhances your vision to focus on the basket (2). Remember, you should have a routine when shooting free-throws and should do that routine every time.


Post Play

You can use TheDeadEye in the same way as listed in the 4 steps under shooting when training for your post moves. Again,
sitting down and making yourself big (speading out) in the post is the start and then calling for the ball and then focusing on catching the ball. This is where TheDeadEye can start to help. 

can also train and assist if you have a jump-hook shot in your game. This is probably the one exception in shooting where you’re not going to use steps 3 and 4 above. TheDeadEye is good to

use for this shot as you’re going need to get your head square

to the basket (1) and then get your vision focused

on the basket (2).


****For Best results to improve your shooting-Start the drill using TheDeadEye, then do the same drill without and continue to alternate. Do all shooting drills this way.  What this will do is gradually train your focus and your technique and fundamentals.  Please note that everyone CAN't be a GREAT shooter.  You have to be blessed with Great hand eye coordination first and then you must put in the work and effort and have Great technique and fundamentals. But everyone can IMPROVE their shooting and this is what TheDeadEye can do.


Ball Handling

TheDeadEye is a great training tool for ball handling. It
trains you to be able to handle the ball without looking at the ball.


A few things to remember about why you need TheDeadEye:


1)     TheDeadEye is helping create the good muscle memory from your head down through your body
and now add the same with your vision

2)     Doing the little things CAN make you better, but doing the little things consistently WILL make you better

3)     See it Better, Do it Better

4)     Technique/Fundamentals+Effort + Talent beats Talent alone every time

5)     If you’re not as talented as your competition, Technique/Fundamentals + Effort
always gives you a chance


Even if you don't use TheDeadEye to train with for a specific skill in any sport,  it is still a GREAT training tool to improve your focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination, which is SO important in any sport. (See some of these drills under the video tab with the FASST Performance video).


TheDeadEye should not be used in games or game like situations or in situations that may cause a collision with another player.


The practice and/or training area should always be cleared of all objects and people and that area should always be clear where no other objects or people can enter when practicing with TheDeadEye.


Always remove TheDeadEye when retrieving the ball.


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Read and Understand The General Terms and Conditions before using TheDeadEye.


TheDeadEye is a Patent Product