Dallas Escobedo Teams Up With TheDeadEye

Dallas Escobedo, the first pick in the 2014 National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) draft, Current member of PA Rebellion, National Pro Fastpitch, 3-Time All-American and 2011 Women's College World Series National Champion and one of the top pitchers/players during her college softball career has teamed up with TheDeadEye in order to help athletes improve their skills on the softball field.  Be it to improve a players hitting, fielding, pitching or throwing accuracy, Dallas believes TheDeadEye is a GREAT training tool that every team, player, coach and trainer should use in order to improve these skills.  Here is what she had to say:


Dallas Escobedo

PA Rebellion, National Pro Fastpitch

2011 Women's College World Series National Champion

"TheDeadEye is an amazing product that if used on a regular basis will greatly increase pitching, batting and fielding statistics for softball.  One of the key elements I found while testing TheDeadEye for pitching in particular was that the area of concentration greatly improves because your peripheral vision is taken away, which helps with hitting your spots."


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