Hunters, Military Personnel, Target Shooters, Skeet Shooters, Competitive Shooters

Hunters, Military Personnel, Target Shooters, Skeet Shooters- I've designed and invented a new training tool called TheDeadEye-All Sports Training Glasses that can be used to train and improve skills of athletes in any sport. The other use and skill improvement that it can be used for is being more accurate when shooting a rifle, pistol and being more consistent at hitting your target. Here is how it works:

While you have these glasses on it will condense the target area you are trying to hit. There is only a small opening in the glasses. Taking away your peripheral vision enhances focus and your target area you are viewing is now reduced and your no longer seeing things around. Similar to looking through a scope on a gun without the scope. For you hunters it will also improve you following your target such as a duck, squirrel, deer etc as they are moving and then when you're ready to shoot at your target, again your target area is reduced thus improving your chances of hitting the target. Here is what they are saying:

Good morning Joe,
15 years in Law Enforcement with prior military (USAF).
Currently Sergeant over the Special Operations Division
SWAT Team Leader
Firearms Instructor
"I used your product (The Dead EYE) in a firearms training environment. The dead eye limited any peripheral vision during the shooting drills and allowed more detailed focus on sight picture, sight alignment and point of aim and impact. As a result it was noticed that shot patterns and groups were tightened and more consistent. I will definitely be incorporating the dead eye in future training. "




"My name is Lex Hannon and I am a hunter and avid target shooter. I have been shooting for around 19 years anywhere from steel targets to clay pigeons. I recently acquired a pair of The Dead Eye Glasses and quickly found out ways that it would help improve my shooting. In the first video I used them to help my focus on transition shooting and moving from target to target. It helps you focus in on the target and keeps you from having wondering eyes. (Or pulling your head off the line of fire to check your shot making your next shot miss) In the second video just a simple magazine unload on a steel plate then reload and continue made me realize how much harder it was to change magazines without my peripheral vision. In time this will certainly help make magazine changes faster. I found The Dead Eye Glasses to be most helpful for focus, concentration, help develop better muscle memory, and giving you faster speed over time." 


Robert Wood-


"We got out and shot skeet yesterday tried them with and without. They do take a bit getting used too it seems not much though. It's a different look and makes you focus. 

With them on my 10 yr old broke 13 of 15 clays. Without them he broke 8 of 15. He said it was like all he could see was the target with them on. "


It is important that if you purchase and train with TheDeadEye you are solely responsible for the proper use and safety of this training tool., LLC will not assume any liability.  You will follow all safety procedures outlined in the General Terms and Condidtions document on this website and when you place your order. Special precautions should be taken to ensure that no people, objects or pets are in the area when you train with TheDeadEye as stated in the General Terms and Conditions document.




My boy is a second year shooter with his bow he is great from 10 yards but has trouble focusing after that the dead eye glasses seem to really be helping him focus in on that heart lung shoot area. Jason Root