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When you train with TheDeadEye, it will train and force you to consistently do some of the most important techniques and fundamentals when playing practically all sports that requires throwing, shooting, catching, kicking and hitting a ball. Here are some more examples:



1)    Trains you to focus on the toss and see the
toss better

2)    Trains you to strike the ball more
consistently the same way all the time

3)    Trains you to focus on the return and
volley better by consistently hitting and returning

      the ball where you want it to go



1)    Trains you to focus on catching the ball

2)    Trains you to be able to be more accurate
with passing and goal shots

3)    Trains you, as a goalie, to get in proper
position with your head, eyes and body to be more successful in stopping shots
on goal






Skeet and Trap Shooting
Target Shooting






Again, any sport that requires throwing, shooting, catching, kicking and hitting a ball could be part of this list


A few things to remember about why you need TheDeadEye:


1)     TheDeadEye is helping create the good muscle memory from your head down through your body
and now add the same with your vision

2)     Doing the little things CAN make you better, but doing the little things consistently WILL make you better

3)     See it Better, Do it Better

4)     Technique/Fundamentals+ Effort + Talent beats Talent alone every time

5)     If you’re not as talented as your competition, Technique/Fundamentals + Effort
always gives you a chance



Even if you don't use TheDeadEye to train with for a specific skill in any sport,  it is still a GREAT training tool to improve your focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination, which is SO important in any sport. (See some of these drills under the video tab with the FASST Performance video).


TheDeadEye should not be used in games or game like situations.


The practice and/or training area should always be cleared of all objects and people and that area should always be clear where no other objects or people can enter when practicing with TheDeadEye.


Always remove TheDeadEye when retrieving the ball.


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Read and Understand The General Terms and Conditions before using TheDeadEye



TheDeadEye is a Patent Product