Who Trains with TheDeadEye: 


TheDeadEye is now in 48 states, Canada and New Zealand


Dallas Cowboys Pro Football


Dallas Cowboy WR Devin Street #15 individual training


Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant #88


Colorado Rockie Major League Baseball Player Matt McBride


Seattle Mariner Draft pick Kyle Petty


Ohio State Football


"I put them on several coaches and players , and the results were as you might expect, excitement to try the new toy. I am pleased with how the goggles limit the peripheral vision and force you to turn your head and concentrate on the ball."


Soccer High School Coach-Coach Muehlenwag


"I've used it with my goalkeepers. I like that it really forces them to watch the ball all the way through the save, whether that's collecting or deflecting it. I'm going to have a couple players work on dribbling with it this next week.


So far, my favorite thing to do with it is train my goalkeepers. We've had great results with that. They describe it like training with "weights" for their eyes. When they take it off, it seems so much easier to track the ball all the way in.


My son has been using it for shooting, but starting this next week, he will do some dribbling with it. Its hard to incorporate into group training, especially with younger players who argue over who gets to use it!"


Gary Morton-13 year old daughter, Kendall Morton-Fastpitch Softball-Southern Force 01-Miller.


"She uses them every time we hit.  The weekend after she started using glasses she went 9 for 18 with a home run."


"We needed something to train her eyes. When I heard about TheDeadEye, we researched it and felt it would be a good tool to use. Since we started using TheDeadEye(4 months) she has hit 6 home runs and has had more solid contact on balls hit."


Jose Martinez-Basebaball-9 year old son


"Everything is going good my son loves these it's been helping him a lot thank you.  I have a 14yr and 13yr old Nephews they come over n hit over to our house and they love them too. I would highly recommend this product."   


Soccer Player-Blake


I've been using the glasses in my training since I received them. I have seen improvements in my accuracy, they really help you keep all your focus on your target. The real challenge is keeping that accuracy after you take the glasses off. Overall, I'm very pleased with them and have recommended them to friends. I'm doing a little spring training right so to prepare for my soccer tryouts at liberty university in June.

Thanks again, Blake 



USC Trojan Football


"They (players) are using them everyday.  They really like them."


UCLA Football


"Thanks been meaning to call you but been a little busy. We used your glasses all thru camp and are still using them during practice(in season)! Great stuff been meaning to shoot a video of all the different drills we do with them! They definitely have made a difference in our ball skills!! We'll talk soon "




“My daughter is currently a senior in high school and going to play D1 softball next year.  Her hitting instructor also played D1 softball a few years ago and came across TheDeadEye glasses at a softball camp she was working.  She purchased a pair and has used them at lessons with my daughter.  This product is great!  My daughter is a slapper and the glasses force her to keep her head down and front shoulder in more consistently.  Since she is a slapper, she has a tendency to want to open up her front side and head to first too early before she gets through contact.  This is a helpful tool that you have to address that and create good muscle memory of staying in her swing.  I like the product so much I bought a set of 10 and I’m giving them to my baseball and softball playing nieces and nephews throughout the family… and I’m donating a few  to my daughter’s high school softball coach to use with her team for tee work and soft toss this upcoming season.   Thanks for providing a great tool!”


Chillicothe High School Girls Basketball


"We use TheDeadEye  to help improve our shooting and ball-handling.  It forces the players to use good fundamentals and proper technique and now they are being more consistent and more successful.  We think its a Great training tool."


Georgia Elite Softball and their top players training with TheDeadEye-
Brittany Maresette-2016 Auburn commit
Jaimie Hoover -2016 UFL commit
Jordan Doggett -2016 Georgia commit


Here's what Coach Hoover of Georgia Elite 98-said

"I like the way it makes them focus. Better reps means working smarter, not harder! Thanks for designing a unique product! "


"This is a tremendous endorsement. Dallas Escobedo is a phenomenal athlete with pitching skill that is exemplary! Your unique product is sure to make waves. My team Georgia Elite 98 loves it!" -Coach A Arthur Hoover


"Just got a new delivery of Deadeye glasses. If you haven't got yours... yet, you're missing out on the chance to add a new training option for your players. Vision training gets overlooked! This product helps solve that problem." -Coach Hoover


Mississippi State Football 


"Players love them. Might order more."


Coach Teresa-- McHenry County Heatwave Fastpitch


I coach softball and have been using your product for my entire team for the last year. I just added a girl and needed another pair. 

We love them!! We use them at every practice. I have worked them into our tee work as well as our our everyday routine fundamental training. Great product!  We do use them for fielding and pitching too. I also use them when my catchers work on pickoffs and throw downs. 


Carolina Vipers Blue


#22 ranked team at the 13U in Travel Ball Select baseball

#1 ranked in North Carolina in USSSA 14U team


"Working with TheDeadEye glasses improves focus for my guys and

regardless of the body movement it forces my hitters to stay on the 



Coach Patrick Whitted


Texas A & M Football


Individual-D. Lee (Baseball)-Son is Junior in High School 


He did use the DeadEye during preseason practices. He really felt that it help
him focus on the ball more. He is hitting .468 through 21 games with 3 HR, 7 2B, 3 3B. Average is 150 points higher than his sophomore season."


Jo Keller
Diamond Fastpitch


I have used these glasses 3 times so far.
Once on a pitcher working on location and another pitcher struggling with control.

The pitcher working on location did better with the glasses, the one on just control, it did not work, too many mechanical issues going on there.

The 3rd pitcher I tried these on was a pitcher that continued to look everywhere while she pitched, never at her target.  These glasses quickly quieted her head and allowed her to try to focus more on the target.


Lafayette College Baseball


Northwestern State University Softball


Houston Texans Pro Football


Louisville Football


University of Minnesota Football


New Mexico State Football


West Texas A & M Softball


2014 NCAA Division II Champions along with the 2011, 2014 and 2015 Lone Star Conference titles 


Keensaw State University Softball


Foundation Sports-FS Fastpitch
I am the Director of Team and Player Development for FS Fastpitch out of Henry County, GA. We will utilize the trainers for our 12u,14u and 16u softball teams. I played softball at Kennesaw State University and we relied heavily on the Dead Eye Trainers and so when I was creating a program for my girls I sought you out online. I can't wait to get these and use for my girls. I am very excited and appreciate it!
Megan Gant
Operations Manager & Director of Team/Player Development
Foundation Sports Stockbridge


Air It Out Football Camp


 "We used the Dead Eye with both our quarterbacks and receivers at all of our camps. The QB's learned to really focus in on there target and it also helped them to not worry about other external things going on around them. The receivers improved their concentration and learned to focus on the point of the ball. The Dead Eye was a great tool for us to use." Alan Wartes. Director 

Air It Out Passing Camps


Ogden Elite Football Camps-Former NFL player Marques Ogden




Canada-Coach Panchaud Waterloo Ghosts 14U Softball


Ya we have been using them for infield drills and hitting. I was worried about using them with this U14 age group, but they are adapting well. 

It is amazing how instant the change in focus comes when they put them on.
We do hit ground balls at them and they sure keep their head on the ball when we do. 


JR Davies High School Football Coach


"I am a QB coach at McCollum HS (5A) in San Antonio, TX.  I recently coached at the Alan Wartes - Air it Out camp here in San Antonio and saw the Deadeye.  As a former QB I always thought a device like this would be useful.  QBs rarely have a full view of the field during a game.  It is tough to replicate that during individual or 7on7 periods in practice.  I plan on using it for our QB's"


Fasst Performance Athletic Training-Baseball/Softball, Football, Basketball.  www.fasstperformance.com


"had a great workout today with the glasses.  Guys are pumped to continue training." 


"I have some more video we took...coming up with some new drills. The kids love the glasses."




Northwestern University Football


"The kids love the glasses and have used them all summer."


Illinois Football


UCLA Football Elite Football Camp


"Joe like the glasses I'm doing an elite QB/WR camp June 8-9 at UCLA called Q90 camp want to talk with you about it" 


University of Idaho Football


Tulpehocken High School Baseball


Rising Stars Youth Football Camp


Nevada University Football 


"We are in middle of training camp, so busy at every turn. Will be

using them with our younger WR's. "  "Love it. Great training tool."


Q90 Football Camp 


South Carolina State Football


Taylor University Football


CO-ED Softball Team


I immediately understood the concept.
I manage and play for 2 competitive coed softball teams.
We range in age 24 to 59.
This should help in two ways, 1st help us during the off season to stay focused and on track.
2nd There are times during the year when a player seams to get into a slump, and this will get
Them back in line.
Great idea Thanks


Ohio Sports Plus Basketball Training-Toni Roesch



"Hey Joe!


-I had several kids this
past weekend try the glasses and they loved

them. It appears as though the older kids get the idea and absolutely loved it. They said it helped their focus on the basket significantly instead of worrying about making/missing the shot. This was huge.


Can you send me 6 pairs..I can send you a check in the mail. Just let me know the cost and mailing address.


Thanks so much!"


Who is Toni Roesch:


TONI ROESCH is the founder of Ohio Sports Plus and one of its managing partners. A former point guard and co-captain of the Ohio State Women's Basketball Team, Toni
enjoyed playing on four Big Ten Championship

teams while at OSU.


Since college, Toni has established herself as a highly skilled instructor, having coached for more then a decade at schools such as Bishop Hartley High School, Marietta College, The Ohio State University, and Florida's Stetson University. Her dedication and expertise have earned her three "Coach of the Year" titles. In recent years, she has
been providing individual instruction to area

athletes which has led to her realizing her dream of opening a training facility dedicated to that purpose. She was also asked by Nike to work at their 2012 Skill
Development Camp as a camp clinician.


Toni is also a radio and television color commentator for FOX, ESPN, and WNBA; the Big Ten, MAC, and MAAC Conferences; and Ohio High School Girls Basketball Tournaments.




Susan Mearns-"TheDeadEye is absolutely great at creating "tunnel view" for my 12yo pitcher.  We are using it to train her focus on the plate and catcher and lessen the distractions of the hitter and grandstand"



Southmoreland High School Basketball


Kings High School Football


"We used them on workouts last week.  Pretty cool, Joe! We'll be ordering a few more real soon!"


McCollum High School Football


C. Arceneaux-Ex University of Lousiana at Lafayette Baseball player and current 12 year old baseball coach and baseball instuctor for all ages


Winter Park High School Varsity Softball


Blue Jay Fastpitch Softball Travel Team


Danville High School Girls Fast Pitch Softball Team


Danville Bandits Girls Fast Pitch Travel Softball Team


Vikings 16U Girls Fast Pitch Softball Team


Individual- A. Solomon-Baseball-for his 10 year old son-

"I received on Monday. We used off the baseball T that day and I loved it for him and he enjoyed it. He proceeded afterwards to his other reps...will continue on
and will be in touch.
He will use today for
basketball ball handling drills. It does lock in your focus and keeps that head still"


Individual-M. Vargas-Baseball 15 year old son.


Penn-Ohio Athletic Club-AAU Basketball 3rd Grade-High School boys and girls


Jack Nicklaus academies is now training with TheDeadEye  http://www.nicklausacademies.com/

"My director in Brazil loves them."


Lehigh Valley Phantoms Hockey


Madison High School Football-Texas


Cardinal Gibbons High School Football-Florida


LaJolla County Day High School-Football-California


B. Sizemore-Daughter plays fast pitch softball 12U travel


"As a matter of fact we just got through practicing with them on her for the third time . She seems to be focused more on the ball and making good contact ."


Leadership Basketball with Coach Scooter Wray

"Joe, thank you for the wonderful gifts... I tried them and had several of my players try them too... My players really liked them and found that the glasses challenged them to focus on the rim... I believe it's a great tool that has a place as a top training device for sports athletes... I am going to talk to the coach at the college I assist at about purchasing some if budget permits... I will defintely use them in my personal training of players... Thanks, Scooter"


Celina High School Girls Basketball_Ohio


Celina High School Boys and Girls Tennis-Ohio


"My kid that went to state in singles, I used it on his volleys at the net...Many times he would let the ball get behind him so the glasses made him hit the ball in front of his body.  His twin brother used it on ground strokes because he had lazy footwork on his backhand..This made him get to the ball early and prep for an offensive shot instead of a lazy slice defensive shot"


Tennis Coach from Division II Lake Erie College:


"Hello Joe, I plan on ordering 6 pairs.  I am a big believer in improving the players visual skill to enhance their tracking skills.  Better ball striking permits a players stroke pattern during competition.  I'm sold." 


 Ohio Elite Baseball Club will be using-This team is full of D1 baseball players and will possibly be rated as of top 16U in the nation.


Bloom Carroll High School will be using for Football,Baseball and Basketball


Individual-W. Beavers-Using for his 11 year old son Basketball and Soccer


Individual- R & M Hutcherson-Basketball -Son is High School Sr. for one of the top High Schools in Ohio and is one of top players for Basketball


Midwest Redbirds Fall Baseball 16U


Individual- B.  Thomas-Basketball-Daughter is High School Sr.  and has started varsity since a freshman for her High School Basketball team


Xplosion Fast Pitch Softball 14U


Individual-Armwoods-Basketball-Son is up and coming Jr. guard on one of the top teams in state of Ohio for Basketball


Individual-B. Shonkwiler-Baseball-"My sons are training with Thedeadeye. Improved tonight just hitting off the tee."


Individual-D. Winston-Baseball -Son is 11 year old


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